Licensed New York Bartending School

New York Bartending School at its finest!
Welcome to the Academy of Professional Bartending

We are Westchester County’s leading mixology training headquarters and New York bartending school. We are dedicated to teaching students of all ages and walks of life in the fine art of bartending, and offer the knowledge, proficiency and skills you need to begin a lucrative career as a top-notch bartender.

Bartending school is more than just learning a few recipes and mixing a good drink! There is an art to pouring the perfect beer, crafting the perfect cocktail, engaging the clientele, and handling difficult situations with grace. In our core Mixology Certification Class you will learn real-world bartending and practice your skills in a genuine barroom setting. This is the class you need for your bartender certification.

Graduates from our school have unlimited access to our local and national job placement assistance program. And we provide our school graduates with additional bartender training at three working bars upon graduation. You will develop your own style and technique and gain the confidence and real bartending experience you need to feel right at home your first day on a new job. And you’ll be building your resume at the same time!

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Graduates leave our NY bartending school with:

  • Self-confidence
  • Memorization skills
  • Interpersonal & teambuilding skills
  • A professional working knowledge of bartending
  • Responsible alcohol serving techniques

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