Why should I consider bartending?

Whether you’re looking for a career or just plan to throw a lot of parties, bartending is an awesome skill to have. Not only is it a lucrative full-time profession, but it is also a great fallback if you suddenly find yourself short of cash, unexpectedly lose a job, have trouble settling into a new city, or want to pick up extra cash as you travel the world. You can always count on bartending as a backup, and no matter whether the economy is prosperous or in a state of recession, there will always be a demand for bartenders.

What is the legal age for tending bar?

It varies by state, but here in New York you must be at least 18 to serve alcohol and 21 to consume it.

What is the Academy of Professional Bartending?

APB is a private school in Westchester created for bartenders by bartenders. We teach professional bartending as a full-time or part-time career. We also have courses on flair bartending and TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures). Our staff has been training bartenders in the tri-state area for years.

Is your school licensed?

Yes. We are fully licensed by the NY State Education Department. You may find us here on the NY State Education website, or you may contact the NY State Education Department at (212) 643-4760.

Do I really need to attend bartending school?

The service industry is incredibly fast-paced and employers don’t always have time to train their employees. So while you can learn to bartend on your own, employers tend to favor servers who have been professionally trained, and your resume will stand out among other candidates applying for the same job.

How long does it take to become certified?

The certification program is a total of 40-hours, and we offer it as a 1-week, 2-week, or 5 consecutive Saturday course. We understand your busy schedule, so we offer a flexible mix-n-match program that helps you work through the curriculum as your schedule allows. With this option, you will attend your first class on one of our regularly scheduled starting days (Mondays & Saturdays). Thereafter, you choose any sequence of day-, evening- or weekend-classes until you have successfully graduated

What is the expertise of your staff?

The NY State Education Department’s Office of Higher Education, requires all instructors to have a minimum of 2 years real life experience. We require our instructors to have a minimum of 5 years real life experience. In addition, all instructors are required to go through the NY State Educations private school teachers training program to obtain their license. Bartending cannot be taught online, by video or from books. As with any type of training it should be taught by qualified bartenders who have learned from actual life experience.

Will I get the hands-on experience I need?

Of course! Our classrooms were designed specifically for hands-on, real-world training. We use authentic glassware, garnishes, tools, and state-of-the-art equipment, such as stainless steel bar sinks, soda guns, cold plates, POS system, and more.

What if I feel I need more training after completing my 40-hour course?

No problem. If you feel you are not ready to graduate, or if you have problems during the course, you may take extra hours or refresher lessons as needed at no additional charge. Our instructors are here to help you learn and succeed. When we hand you your certificate you will be confident in your abilities to tend bar anywhere.

And what if I should fail a test?

We’re here for you. Should you not pass the exam you are free to take a refresher class, or retake the test on a scheduled testing day. We stand behind our school and what it represents and our instructors are dedicated to your success.