Student Testimonials

My experience at the Academy of Professional Bartending was one for the ages. I always looked forward to coming to class because Dennis taught at such a great pace and the humor kept me interested. I was looking around for a bartending school for a long time and I was comparing prices and teaching methods and none added up to the Academy of Professional Bartending. For 500 bucks less, I learned bartending methods just as efficient and maybe even better than any other school. Every drink was covered front to back by the time our final was here. Dennis even found me a gig which paid very well and everything I learned at the school came in handy when it came down to “GAMETIME”. I will vouch for this school and recommend it to anyone who is interested in pursuing bartending. Dennis will have you ready to go out and perform like a veteran straight after you graduate. SO COME HERE AND LEARN DRINKS BECAUSE “D” is a riot and a really amazing teacher.

– Frank Anthony Mendez


Enrolling in the Academy of Professional Bartending was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You truly are one of the best teachers I have ever had and one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I was skeptical I could graduate in 2 weeks and have enough confidence and experience to be a professional bartender but I was wrong. After graduating, my first gig was a private party for 120 people. I had complete confidence thanks to your training. I had so much fun and was able to entertain the guests with the colorful and varied drinks your class teaches. This one party ended up paying for your class and then some. The best part of the class is you, D. Your kindness, patience, humor and overall teaching style is highly effective and makes you stand out from other teachers. I have friends who have graduated from college and their schools dump them out to fend for themselves. But every Tuesday and Thursday night I know I can call you up and get a few job leads, even though I’m an hour away from New Rochelle. Don’t ever change D, you are one of the few good people I know.

– Christopher Ivey


I have to tell you, my experience at the Academy of Professional Bartending was nothing short of excellent!! You made the class so enjoyable and fun. This really helped me to not only remember things but I also enjoyed being there. I learned so much in such a short time, you truly know your stuff. Your experience along with your fun style has been an experience I will not soon forget. I’m thankful I chose your school over the other. All I can say is thanks “D”, YOU’RE THE BEST!!!

– Christina


If bartending is as fun as bartending school, I am bound for success. Dennis makes the class not only interesting, but fun. Everything is completely hands-on and he engages everyone in all exercises. The materials that are given are very detailed and easy to understand. The Academy of Professional Bartending makes it capable for anyone to become a bartender. The school is just absolutely amazing. Dennis’s experience in bartending is evident in his extensive knowledge of the bar AND the alcohol. I am extremely pleased not only that I attended this particular school, but was able to meet someone so experienced in the field as well. The school and the information truly makes me feel like a professional.

– Kalicia P.


I just completed my bartending course at The Academy of Professional Bartending School and I have to say it was the best 5 Saturdays money could buy!! Dennis aka “D” was a GREAT teacher! Not only was he extremely knowledgeable, he was fun and entertaining too! I didn’t think that I would get so much from a bartending course. “D” showed us that it’s not just about pouring drinks. He was professional, structured and provided us with an exceptional place to gain hands-on experience. The tests were EXACTLY what we learned in class – no trick or surprise questions.  I was able to pass my mid-term and final examination on my first attempt! D gave me all the tools I needed to succeed. I even got a few job leads the SAME DAY I graduated!!

– Ivey Moore


First off I want to thank you for a wonderful 2 weeks. The atmosphere, the education, everything was so much more than I had expected. Going to the Academy of Professional Bartending was one of the best choices I have ever made. As you know, I have been bartending for some time now. I decided to take your course because I am finding more and more establishments are asking for certification. I could not believe just how much I did not know! I had a great time and learned so much on how to be a professional bartender. Your school goes above and beyond by not only giving training and certification but in helping with job placement. I will continue to pass  the word about your training school. You and your staff are second to none!

– Maria Lara, Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club


Thanks to the rapid job placement program, I was able to land my first bartending job within 48 hours of graduating! I’m still currently employed there and the owners are even taking me on at their new expanded location. Not only do I work behind the bar, but because of the level of professionalism instilled by D’s program, customers not only give me compliments on my techniques, but they have also booked me for their private parties! I’ve done several private parties and I had a blast at each and every one of them! I love what you’ve done for me D – thanks a million!

– Chanelle Hyde


Hey D, I want to thank you for all of the training, you should actually become a Professor for a college because the way you teach is awesome. The way you go over the process of making drinks, though the history of every drink that we make and a couple jokes here and there is great. For the future students of this great academy, I’m telling you that if I knew bartending school would be this much fun and informative at the same time, I would have signed up a long time ago.

– Matthew Perez


Hey, this letter is to thank you D-man for teaching me to bartend. When I took this class I thought that it was going to be a simple and quiet learning experience, but you took the class to a whole nother level by being you. I mean the class wasn’t like anything I expected! You were patient no matter how bad I was when I started the class, you stuck with me as well as with the other students. I have to tell you I would recommend this bartending school to anybody who wants to learn how to bartend right and the professional way. Tell you what “D” if I had to retake the bartending class and I was in California I wouldn’t think twice about coming back to good old New York to take the class again. You made my two weeks feel like a couple of days. The way that I feel is that you inspired me to open my own restaurant/bar and be self employed, just like you. I honestly feel that you were not just great as an instructor but also a true friend. Thanks again for everything!

– Hector Piña


Training at the Academy of Professional Bartending was and is still a pleasure. Even though I was already certified to bartend I wasn’t nearly capable of doing so. My previous school basically took my money and sent me on my way to make a fool of myself, but you and your training course helped change and prevent all of that. Cause of your great two week course, many more pockets will be fatter. Thanks D, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be ready to bartend.

– Christopher Volcy


This recommendation is for Dennis Ryan, one of the most enthusiastic and passionate teachers I have come across. Dennis taught me not only about drinks, but also about people and certain interactions I would face as a bartender. It is one thing to know how to pour drinks, but it is a totally different thing to serve drinks. Dennis has been more than helpful with job placement and I know I can use him as a reference one day. Before I enrolled in the Academy of Professional Bartending I could not find a job I loved or even just liked, now I enjoy work and I can’t believe I get paid to do what I do!

– Madisyn Mulligan


First, I have to say that the instructor, Dennis Ryan, has a unique talent for teaching. My job is to evaluate teachers on a daily basis and I can say, in no uncertain terms, that Mr. Ryan (or “D” as his students affectionately refer to him) belongs in front of a classroom. He made the class interesting, enjoyable, and easy to follow, even for the least experienced students (like me). He makes students feel like they can accomplish whatever they are attempting, while maintaining focus on quality and professionalism. Second, I want to compliment the entire Academy. Their professional attitude, loyalty to students and service, and overall approach to learning is commendable.

– Adam Kaufman, Assistant Principal, Robert C. Dodson School in Yonkers


When I started the bartending course in early January, I was enthusiastic. The instructor “D” used his knowledge and work experience to make the course really understandable. His methods are very effective and within the first week I learned to make over 100 drinks!! Also, I learned how to serve, and the laws and implications involved in being a professional bartender. Not only is he a good instructor, but he is also a very cool guy. He got along well with all the students and made the environment very comfortable for learning. I could not have asked for a better experience in learning to bartend.

– Johann Mendoza