Our teaching approach

Teaching isn’t our job, it’s our passion!
Our bartending classes are fun!

Our staff are fun-loving, talented and creative bartenders, licensed by the state of New York and with a strong track record of success. We personally care that each and every student succeeds and we are committed to providing our students the best education.

Our approach to bartending class

Our instructors use a combination of lecture, visual aids, and practical hands-on experience to deliver a quality learning experience that prepares you to be a real world bartender. Designing a course that mimics real-world experiences is an art. It’s also a fundamental quality of our course director and instructors.

Our classroom

bartending licenseOur classrooms are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment including a POS system and built-in media center to emulate real-world environments. You will never find plastic glassware or plastic ice in our bartending class. There are no garnishes made of square sponges or construction paper. Nor are there fake labels on our bottles. We offer real garnishes, glassware and supplies, as well as the latest techniques to ensure students have the skills they need for a smooth transition into their new bartending environment.

We offer three core classes:

  • Mixology: This is the class you need to become a certified bartender. We offer several options to help you fit this certification class into your busy schedule.
  • TIPS: This one-day training class is not required, but is highly suggested as many bar and restaurants require that you have it on your resume.
  • Flair: This is a fun three-part class for anyone interested in attracting more customers and earning higher tips.