Flair bartender school

flair bartendingFlair bartending

Flair bartending is the art and sport of skilled bartenders that keeps audiences glued to their barstools and keeps you earning huge tips. Garnish tossing, napkin and coaster tricks, glassware rolling, spinning tins, and of course, bottle flipping are all done with precision and style. Flair bartending is a fun, engaging, and sought-after talent, and competitions are sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry.

The Academy of Professional Bartending offers Westchester’s only Flair training program. From straws to coasters, tins to glassware, garnish and liquor bottles, this practical, hands-on approach teaches any level of bartender to toss, flip and spin their way to huge tips. Students of this program will approach their bars in a whole new way, entertaining guests, attracting customers, and of course make more money!

** Each class is 8-hours. To ensure adequate practice time, we split them into two 4-hour classes.

Introduction to working flair

This introduction to flair bartending teaches you the fundamentals of manipulating bottles, tools, and garnishes for fun. All training equipment and manuals are provided. Flair bottles are available for purchase. Prerequisite: bartending school or real-world bartending experience.

Intermediate working flair

This intermediate class picks up where the Introduction to Working Flair class left off. We cover free-pouring techniques, advanced flair moves, risk-free maneuvers, and flair sequences, to name a few. In this class we help you to begin developing your own personal style. Prerequisite: Introduction to Working Flair.

Exhibition flair

This advanced class is designed for pure showmanship or competition, and delivers a comprehensive breakdown of multiple routines, working flair, exhibition flair, stacking techniques, advanced free-pour techniques, and much more. You will learn juggling, fire breathing, and bar magic, and we progress the class strictly at your pace. Prerequisite: Introduction and Intermediate Working Flair.

flair bartendingflair bartendingflair bartending

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