Mixology certification class

garnishes for mixology certificationMixology Certification class

Our mixology certification class covers everything you need to become a certified bartender. And yes, we do administer the certification test for you at the end!

You will learn:

  • The art & science of modern day mixology
  • Bar equipment and setup procedures
  • Precise freehand pouring techniques
  • Glassware and bottle handling
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Garnishes
  • Popular vintage and contemporary cocktail recipes
  • International coffees
  • Champagnes & wines
  • Shots, shooters & frozen drinks
  • Liquors, cordials & substitutes
  • Proper serving etiquette
  • Quality customer service
  • POS and money handling
  • Standard opening & closing procedures
  • Interviewing preparation
  • State liquor authority and health department regulations
  • Liquor laws, liabilities and you

Classes and times

We offer several options to help you fit this Mixology certification class into your busy schedule. We offer a real bartender setting to ensure you have the most authentic experience possible.

Also check out our one-day TIPS training class. This class is not required, but is highly suggested as many bar and restaurants require that you have it on your resume.

And we also offer Flair classes for anyone interested in attracting more customers, earning higher tips, and having a ton of fun on the job!