TIPS training

TIPS preventionTIPS:
Training for Intervention Procedures

We offer TIPS training as follow-on to our core Mixology Certification class and for existing servers already working for bars, restaurants, hotels, or any establishment that serves alcohol. While TIPS is not required by the state of NY, it is often required by establishments that seek to minimize the liability and potential lawsuits that stem from underage or otherwise irresponsible drinking.

TIPS on your resume

Having TIPS Certification on your resume helps you stand out from other candidates competing for the same bartending jobs, and shows employers that you are a safe and responsible bartender. And many New York establishments simply will not hire bartenders or servers who are not TIPS certified.

What you will learn

Students will learn to serve alcohol responsibly, understand the difference between patrons who are having fun and those who are getting themselves into trouble, spot underage drinkers and prevent sales to minors, effectively intervene before situations become problematic, and handle difficult situations with greater confidence.

At the end of class students will take a short, multiple-choice exam which will be sent to the state certification agency for testing. And upon passing the exam, participants will receive a certification card that is active for 3 years.

TIPS prevention

Advantages of TIPS certification

  • Stronger resume for employers
  • Protection from alcohol-related lawsuits
  • Decreased penalties for alcohol-related violations
  • Lower insurance premiums for establishments that hire TIPS certified servers
  • Compliance with various laws and regulations
  • Stronger professionalism among staff
  • Improved customer service and enjoyment for all patrons

TIPS is part of the voluntary Alcohol Training and Awareness Program (ATAP) and is regulated by the NY State Liquor Authority.

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